Footnote N°05

The aim in developing The Distance Running Sock was to craft a durable, high-performance sock tailored for the foot and designed with fast, modern running shoes in mind. A sock built to last, featuring an understated design that seamlessly blends with any of your gear.

DRS – The Distance Running Sock

What started with the backing of friends and athletes on our test crew has evolved into somewhat of a rigorous prototyping and testing process.

Before the release of the DRS (as we like to call it), we cycled through numerous versions of different prototypes, continuously tweaking and improving the socks as they were used in many 100-mile weeks, fast marathons, and ultra distances. Amongst others, this is what might have made the difference for the DRS to be voted "Best For Race Day" by Runner's World (which we were incredibly happy about).

Having a successful product allowed us to get back on the sampling machine and further try and tweak things. However, the best way to test running socks is to run in them. While it's generally advisable not to test new things on race day, our test pilots have thrown in further prototypes to their race kit, embracing experimentation and providing invaluable feedback. This approach has allowed us to continuously refine and improve our product, which has now been released and is being shipped since February 1st.

Spending Days at the Sampling Room…

While we aimed to maintain all the aspects that runners appreciate about the DRS we found opportunities for improvement.

The updated model features detailed fit enhancements. We successfully achieved a flatter toe linking, resulting in a super-smooth feel. Similar to the original model the socks go beyond a simple left and right toe box; the entire footbed is ergonomically shaped.

It's all about the details—things like the color stability of the yarns, sourcing and and considerations regarding each element's environmental impact. This includes decisions made at the outset of the product's life, throughout its lifespan as well as our packaging.

Our goal is to craft socks specifically for distance runners, and nothing makes us happier than knowing they become a peace-of-mind component of your gear, something you don't even need to think about.