100% Repurposed Yarn

This special edition of The Race Day Sock is made entirely from excess color stock otherwise gone to waste, which means no new materials were ordered or used during the production. Its yarn delivers the same racing performance, breathability & longevity as the regular Race Day Sock, but with an even smaller environmental footprint.

Targeted compression meets ultra-light fibers for minimal friction, great moisture-wicking and a cooling long distance performance.

100% repurposed ECONYL® yarn made from regenerated nylon waste. Knitted with 100% renewable energy, waste recycling and micro-plastic filtration.

Engineered in Germany. Sourced and manufactured locally by some of Europe’s best garment makers.

True Left and Right Form-Fit


The Race Day Sock is an ultralight, secure, and form-fitting sock made specifically for racing. Its design focuses on fit, fusing ultra-fine breathable fibers with strong, targeted compression, resulting in a thin yet extremely strong structure.

In essence, the RACE DAY SOCK is engineered for the thin and snug uppers of your carbon plate shoes. Its targeted compression makes the sock truly form-fitting, with a seamless upper toe box, a true anatomical footbed and light protection in the forefoot where you need it most.

Utilizing a special Lycra® blend and fusing multiple knitting techniques, the RDS manages to be both ultralight and durable in structure.

Repurposing what’s left.

Each of our repurposed editions is inherently limited as its colors are entirely dictated by the left over stock. Once a batch is used for production it will not be available for re-order. If you want to be notified of upcoming color drops, simply sign up to our mailing list for future updates.

Performance & Impact

The most technical sock we ever developed. And the most environmentally friendly.

The RDS 1.0 is both our lightest and strongest sock at the same time, combining an absolute minimum of friction with a maximum of breathability and moisture-wicking. Following more than 50 prototypes and a rigorous testing process, we're incredibly proud of its fit and feel. But it's not only our most technical sock, it's also the most environmentally friendly sock we ever made.


The RDS uses one of the best sustainable yarn options available. Our ECONYL® yarn offers the same quality and performance as virgin fibers, but with outstanding environmental benefits as it is regenerated from nylon waste that would otherwise pollute the Earth.


Sustainability is an obscure undertaking. Which is why we made it our goal to create a 100% transparent and locally sourced supply chain, in which we personally know every single touch point, from our suppliers to the individual machinists on the floor. Our yarn is produced close to our factory, which minimizes the transportation footprint and ensures EU environmental standards are met throughout production.


Through the infusion of the color pigments directly into the polymer melt during spinning, our Dope Dye Process manages to use around 55% less energy, 80% less water, 77% less chemicals and produce around 20% less greenhouse emissions than conventional dyeing.


In addition to water recycling and waste management, our socks are knitted using entirely renewable energy, 25% of which comes directly from our production’s own solar plant, with the remaining 75% being purchased from external renewable providers.