What's the height of your socks?

Instead of making a standard 5” tall crew sock, we scaled the height of our Distance Running Socks according to size. For example a EU 37 is 16,5cm, a EU 46 is 19,5cm.


How do I know which sock goes left or right?

On the inside of the rib you'll find a "L" and a "R" indicating left and right. Also if you look down on your feet, you should read "NEAR EARTH" across your toes.


What materials are used for the Distance Running Sock?

We use a light and durable LYCRA® yarn.
It’s soft, wicking and provides a snug fit.

The materials used are certified by OEKO-TEX® STANDARD 100.
Our socks are dyed using a process called Dope Dyed.
This is an advanced process in which the yarn is dyed during its manufacturing. The advantages are longer lasting colour brilliance but also means less energy and water consumption in the process.


Where are the socks made?

NEAR EARTH socks are made in Italy by some of the best garment manufacturers on the planet. Getting to know the staff, spending valuable time working closely with the team during development was key. As a bonus, traveling to the Italian factory was a lovely trip each time.


What is the best way to take care of your socks?

Machine-wash, use a cold setting. Most cold washes start at 30-celsius degrees which is enough. Use a gentle cycle.

Wash your socks inside out with like coloured clothes, do not use bleach (we want to keep those colours).

Do not tumble dry. Simply lay them out to dry.

And for some good news — do not iron your socks.
Pair and fold your socks and put them away in your sock drawer.